Third Grade Math Series Resources

This page has been designed to help you find my specific resources for many third grade math skills. Center Games, Color By Numbers, Task Cards, Color By Codes and Freebies too, all to supplement any math series.
Fern :)

Chapter One
Addition and Subtraction Within 1,000
Round to the Nearest Ten or Hundred
Estimate Sums
Use the Break Apart Strategy to Add
Use Place Value to Add
Estimate Differences
Use Place Value to Subtract
Combine Place Value to Subtract

Chapter Two
Represent and Interpret Data

Chapter Three
Understanding Multiplication

Chapter Four
Multiplication Facts and Strategies

Chapter Five
Use Multiplication Facts

Chapter Six
Understand Division

Chapter Seven
Division Facts and Strategies

Chapter Eight
Understand Fractions

Chapter Nine
Compare Fractions

Chapter Ten
Time, Length, Volume, and Mass

Chapter Eleven
Perimeter and Area

Chapter Twelve
Two-Dimensional Shapes

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