Tuesday Teacher Tips: Pencil Management

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Pencil Management at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
 Tuesday Teacher Tips: Pencil Management

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Pencils....five and a half years at FSU and not once did I learn about pencils! Let me tell you, they will make or break you...seriously, you can be Teacher of the Year for the entire United States, have lesson plans written in gold, but if you don't have a plan in place for pencils, your little darlings will EAT.YOU.ALIVE!

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Pencil Management at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
In the College of Education I learn all about "keeping students actively engaged" and "maximizing student time" but again, NO ONE told me about pencils. Then I interned and this amazing teacher I had would have the boys and girls line up each morning as they unpacked and she sharpened two pencils for each of them. At first, I thought what a waste of time....there has to be a better system. But it was amazing and I have done the same thing in every classroom since 1989! I have an electric pencil sharpener and as they unpack, the morning routine was to get two pencils sharpened, then sit down to their morning work. 

You know how excited your students are every morning?  
They love you, they want to tell you about their dog, their homework, their little sister...sometimes they just want to tell you that they love you. By giving EACH and EVERY children those few seconds of attention while you sharpen their pencils, it makes your morning start calmly and your students feel like you love and listen to each and every single one of them. 
While you're teaching, if their pencil breaks, they aren't allowed to get up and waste time at the pencil sharpener. They have a second pencil. If they break the second one, you keep teaching and say, "Who would like to loan Paul a pencil?" The rest of the class would just love to help you and there will be more pencils then ole' Paul will ever need! The next morning I like to slip a seasonal, decorated pencil to the student who gave Paul the extra pencil. The thank you costs me about five cents and that student thinks I'm terrific! That 5 cent pencil and the show of appreciation does more to build your student/teacher relationship then all the tea in China! :)
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Tuesday Teacher Tips: Pencil Management at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

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