Are You a Third Grade Teacher Needing Strategies for Place Value and How to Teach Using Place Value to Add Multi-Digits?

Every Thursday this school year I will be posting lesson plans, tips and resources for 3rd grade math teachers? Are you teaching the Break Apart Strategy for Place Value this week? I have some lesson plans and resources for you today! 

The Break Apart Strategy For Place Value
Breaking a 2-digit or larger number apart, or ungrouping the number, is a strategy that helps students see the value in place value. The tens place is not just a 4. It’s value is 40 or 4 tens. The more mental math tips that students have in their tool kit of skills, the easiest each step of the harder math skills become.

One of the best ways to each this strategy is with base ten blocks. I teach my students a "banking method" I'm taking a ten and I'm going to the bank and returning with 10 ones. It is a lot of fun to model it in the beginning, taking your ten piece and walking over to another table to trade it out for 10 ones. Later as they are practicing and reviewing this skill by themselves, it is wonderful to hear, "I'm taking these three hundreds to the bank..."

I like base ten blocks that are all one color, that way the students don't get confused with trading "red" for "green" instead of the skill of trading ones for tens. The above picture is a wonderful set at Amazon that are magnetic for your board or an independent center. 

Another great way to practice is with dice, specifically place value dice.

Students can roll their dice at the same time and the winner is the one with highest number. They can play to ten points, or if you have a few minutes before lunch or dismissal, play the lightening round... winner needs two wins. By having the students check each other's dice, there is more mental math going on in a short period of time.

More Matching Resources for Your Lessons
For each unit, I stick to one color to make it easier for the teacher to make, sort and store the lessons each year. For each section of the lesson I try to use the same adorable student clip art. That way, indirectly, the children know the task cards, the color your answers printables and the center games are all focusing on the same skill.

This math resource includes:
Four center game pages in color AND
Four center game printable pages in black and white to use as a Make and Take Math Center!
Teacher directions included.
Bonus: Two MATH CENTER signs, one in color and one in gray scale.

This math resource includes:
FIVE printables that are made to be an additional resource for any math series. FIVE answer keys included. Use them for your math center, small group, RTI pull out, seat work or homework. Perfect for a substitute day, high interest AND engaging!

This math resource includes: 36 Task Cards and Recording Printable Worksheet, with Answer Sheet Included. These task cards are made to be an additional resource for your math small group time, centers, RTI pull out, seat work or homework.

A Break Apart Strategy for Place Value Bundle is Also Available. Task Cards, Centers and Color By Numbers.

Next Up, Using Place Value to Add Multi-Digit Whole Numbers Within 1,000
Tips, Tricks, Lesson Plans, Centers, Task Cards, Color By Numbers and Resources to Teach Using Place Value to Add to Your Class.

Children learn at an early age that numbers simply go on and on, rote counting to a point of boredom or if they are counting items, counting until they run out of items. As they mature, we need to teach them an easier way of counting items, by using the built in system of GROUPS AVAILABLE, groups of tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. 

Once they have the basics of addition or adding these groups, they are ready to break apart larger numbers to be able to count them in groups, for ease, for speed, simply for a higher understanding of mental math.

For example:

Many adults do this automatically in their head, we look at the hundreds, tens and ones, add them quickly and then add them all to get a final total.

Even with ones rolling into tens, and tens rolling into hundreds, this is still an easy and effective way to solve problems with three and four digit numbers. But, it is a skill that has to be taught. Most math standards introduce this skill in second grade with tens and ones, then introducing thousands in third grade.

Using Place Value to Add with a Hands-On Lesson:
Give your small groups multiple bundled items....
1. Coffee stirs or straws banded into hundreds, tens and ones with rubber bands or twist ties.
2. Quart bags with 100 beans, snack bags with 10 beans, and beans {ones} not in baggies.
3. Macaroni in baggies. Anything that you can buy inexpensively in bulk works.
4. Base Ten Counting Blocks, etc.
Give them many problems to work out with and without regrouping of their items.
Another Using Place Value to Add Lesson:
An excellent way to introduce or review this skill is with partners and white boards. Let each student write a problem on their board, {or for a more GUIDED LESSON, you write two set problems on the overhead camera} then the students exchange white boards and solve the problem using the expanded place value method. 
Allow time for multiple problems and math practice.

I've created multiple resources to help with this skill.

I like to use this center to also reinforce the students' calculator skills. Do you have mobile devices? iPhones? iPads? Whip them out and use the calculator app with this center. Students can also use paper and pencils, or white boards, but calculators add a bit of fun too!
These highly engaging center games are quick and easy to prep and can be used for a variety of games... concentration, match game, go fish, gin rummy, scoot, read the room, self checking, even perfect for assessments. Your center time can run smoothly and with very little prep from you!

Your students will adore these Color Your Answer worksheets while learning and reviewing place value, break apart method addition skills at the same time! You will love the no prep, print and go ease of these printables. As always, answer keys are included.  

Click here for the Color Your Answers Printables for the Addition of Multi-Digit Whole Numbers Within 1,000.

This resource includes:

Page 1 - Color by Code No Regrouping

Page 2 - Color by Code with Regrouping
Page 3 - Color by Code Mixed Regrouping and No Regrouping
Page 4 - Multiple Problems Worksheet No Regrouping
Page 5 - Multiple Problems Worksheet With Regrouping
Pages 6 - 10 Matching Answer Keys

Pages 4 and 5 are perfect for a weekly assessment grade.

Another fun way to use this center is with place value dice. The students can lay out the matching dice, work each group, ones, tens, and hundreds, then I tell them to "go to the bank" {the container,} and get the correct dice they need for the answer. They can add dice to the column when there is regrouping too. Just something a little different, but keeps them up and moving and with a hands-on extra activity. This activity is fun to model in small group and then a week later use it at your math center as a spiral review.

FIVE printables that are made to be an additional resource for any math series. Use them for your math center, small group, RTI pull out, seat work or homework. FIVE answer keys are also included.

I like to make my centers self-correcting. You can use matching stickers or symbols on the back. It works really well on card stock and laminated cards!

Task Cards are Also Available for This Skill
3rd Grade Go Math 1.7 Addition Multi-Digit Whole Numbers Within 1,000 Task Cards

3rd Grade Go Math Lesson 1.7 Addition of Multi-Digit Numbers to 1000 Bundle

Place Value Task Cards!

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See you next Thursday friends! :)

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