Writing Centers Using Old Christmas Cards!

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Fun Writing Centers Using Old Christmas Cards!
An Exciting and Seasonal Writing Center
This is one of my very favorite, high interest, inexpensive writing centers for December!

Take old Christmas cards and cut out one of the pictures from the front. You can have a parent volunteer do this for you, or you can even let the students select five or six cards and cut out their favorite part of the front page. 
I use a glass to make a quick circle, but if you let the children make them, you could use a red Solo cup or a circle cardboard tracer. I like to use the circle shape because that helps the children "eliminate the big picture and just focus on the detail of what's in the circle" for their writing. Children are usually excellent at telling the BIG STORY, but this helps teach the finer details. 
Who? What? Where? When? Why did you select this picture?

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Fun Writing Centers Using Old Christmas Cards!

Another terrific way to use this idea is to give each child a Christmas envelope to keep their own five or six pictures in at their desk. This helps if you are trying to keep class movement down during this crazy, hectic time of the year. It is perfect for students that are Early Finishers or morning bell work.

Ways to Get Old Christmas Cards:
1. Ask your family and friends on Facebook.
2. Ask your neighbors.
3. The front office, they usually just throw away the ones sent to the school.
4. Right after Christmas when Wal*Mart and Target has everything for 75% off.
5. Ask the students, parents and PFA to bring them to school.
{You don't even need the personal details written on the inside, just ask everyone to tear off the front cover for you.}

I hope you enjoy this quick and easy December writing center idea.

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