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By this time of year, classroom organization may have taken a back seat to being able to keep your head above the water on the daily, back-to-school madness, and your subconscious seems to know that the beautifully lines up school supplies and immaculate decorated classroom is no longer in sight. ;)
But have no fear!

This is the perfect time of year to reboot your organizational systems, leaving paper piles, daily mountains of supplies and too many unsharpened / broken pencils far behind.

It’s so perfect, in fact, that I have good news to share. If you need help getting back in the “organized saddle” again, the folks at CF Collective have teamed up with Charity from OrganizedClassroom.com to offer a free 5-day Fall Classroom Organization Challenge.

Here’s how it works:

You register for the free challenge, which runs for 5 days (October 1-5).

Each day, you’ll get an email, along with a mini-challenge.

At the end you even get a free printable to make completing the challenge the next time even easier!

By the end of the challenge, you’ll:

Receive DAILY email training, video training, and support in our EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group!

Discover how to create a paper in/out routine that not only works for you and your students, but has an accountability factor too

Learn the EXACT system used to organize stacks of paper in her classroom successfully for years!

And So Much More...ALL in only 30 minutes per day for 1 week, I promise!

I think you’ll be surprised by how much progress you’ll make over the week.

Join CF Collective and Organized Classroom for the challenge right here: Click here for the FREE Fall Fun!

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