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Using Color By Code Worksheets For Your VIP Table

Let's face it, November and December are killer times for teachers. In addition to all the fun and excitement of the holidays and vacation days, you usually have data documentation due, report cards due, field trip money due and more often than not, a cold or flu! {tried to make a little rhyme there}I would gladly work a normal, calm, jam-packed, scheduled five day week than some of the three and four day weeks during the holidays. Routine is good, routine builds excellent classroom management.

To help our teacher friends, Michelle and I have created a Thank You Freebie for you, in addition to giving away a $50 Mall Gift Card to make your holidays just a little bit brighter....hopefully, you wouldn't need it all for NyQuil!

My freebie for you is a Color By Numbers Subtraction Troll printable and answer key. Perfect with all the excitement of the Troll Movie right now, print a class set and place it in your sub tub. 

You can also use these sheets as a reward / but.still.academic / Heaven.forbid.we.forget.they.are.eight.years.old.... but I digress....

VIP tables are all the rage on Pinterest and IG. I've taught a million years, we called them Reward Tables, Helpers' Centers, Outstanding Citizen Tables, whatever you call it, these tables are wonderful, adorable, a super way to build outstanding role-models and excellent citizens. But if you are overwhelmed right now and would like to start small, I have some tips for you. You can start now and then when you get some breathing room over the holidays you can go back to your classroom and set up an entire VIP table for your class. Sure, all the FB memes tell you to stay away from your classroom, relax, enjoy yourself, but sometimes a quite day in your classroom is relaxing, put your favorite movie or music on and work on something knowing it will help you when you return in January ....it is not just a job, but something you love to do.  I use to take a dog with me for company :)
VIP Table Set Up

Start small and inexpensively. These six Thanksgiving cups were from the Family Dollar, all six for a $1. I'm sure Target's Dollar Spot has similar cups too. I wrote a blog post asking parents, family and friends for classroom supplies, click here for that free letter that you can download and send home today for help with your VIP Table.

Ten Supply Ideas To Get You Started:

1. Mr. Sketch Markers

2. Washable Mr. Sketch Markers, put them into two separate cups, make them seem different, special, something out of the ordinary!

3. New crayons, from the 128 pack, you know with crayon colors you have never heard of in your entire life.

4. Large, "Baby" crayons, it is amazing what fun a 3rd grade class can have with these, since is it something different.

5. Colored Pencils...side story, I dislike colored pencils, WITH.A.PASSION, just one of my pet peeves, the students always seem to spend more time sharpening each and every pencil compared to USING them....but that's just me....placing them at my reward table made it that much more of a big ole' deal.

6. Twistable Crayons by Crayola or Crazy Art

7. Glitter Markers, not too much glitter in these things, but just enough that you don't have any glitter on the floor for the custodians to hate you.

8. Sharpie Markers, WHAT? Has she lost her mind, well it does depend on your grade level, but if you make it very special and tell your VIP'ers that you trust them, they will usually handle them with care. If they act like a fool, just remove the markers and keep moving forward.

9. Pens in an assortment of colors.

10. Mechanical Pencils, OK, so I don't just dislike Colored Pencils, I also REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DISLIKE the clicking noise of mechanical pencils and the little pieces rolling all over the floor, so #10 is your call. :) I will take Sharpie Markers over Mechanical Pencils any day of the week!

 Don't Make It Too Difficult For You, The Teacher....

If you don't want to make it seasonal, if you would like it to be available year round, use a few old coffee mugs, planters, etc. For the last five years my blog theme was owls, so my family and friends constantly give me owls as gifts, they are perfect to hold some of the supplies. 

This is where the REWARD TABLE is a little different than the VIP TABLE. you can try to cycle your students thru it 2 at a time during the day, during centers, small group time, etc. If you give two students 15 minutes each, you can usually get 6 to 8 students to the REWARD TABLE a day, telling the remaining students that they "have all week to earn it too" but this will get all of your students there during these 3 and 4 day weeks....everyone deserves a turn there.

Here's where the Reward Table has Great Power, great return for your investment of time and money...... you pick the most challenging student, the one you pray will be absent on days that you don't feel well, the one you love, but is so.hard.to.love, you know you are visualizing that little person right now... Even if they child is still for one minute, simply breathing right, you say, "Oh, I love how Michelle is so quite and ready to go to the Reward Table."  It maybe the only chance you will have catching Michelle being good, but it will build on the two of y'all's relationship, something positive Michelle really needs in her life.

If you are a new teacher, or maybe changing schools or grade levels, like I was as a Navy Wife....happy to get any job.... You can just set your Reward Table up with these simple baskets from the dollar store. For the students, it is the trill of going to the center that matters, not that it looks like a Pinterest Perfect display.

Depending on your grade level, your administrator may walk in and see no value with a Reward Table / VIP Table...that's OK, they are under just as much "testing" stress as teachers are....that's why I recommend making it a math center with a review worksheet, something academic, but with all the supplies still fun for the students. All of my Color Your Answers leave some blank spaces with the directions, "You pick the color for any empty areas." this allows for some creativity as well as the student selecting the hair and skin color for their assignment.

This picture has one of my newest Trolls Color By Numbers, from the Addition and Subtraction Packet on TpT. But for my blog friends, the above sheet is free for you! Enjoy!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year to remember all of our blessings. My friend Michelle and I are hosting a giveaway to thank our followers. The winner can choose any store or restaurant on the Gift Card Mall site. We will announce the winner on our FB pages.
Color By Numbers Trolls Addition and Subtraction Bundle

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