Fern's Freebie Friday ~ Third Grade Math Problem Solving and Organizing Data Task Cards

You will love how easy it is to prepare these 3rd Grade Math Organize Data Task Cards Freebie for your class. My students LOVED Task Cards and your students will too! You can dedicate one of your math centers, math workstations, as a task card center. By changing out the skill each week, your students already know the directions for using the task cards. 
Your students will enjoy the freedom of task cards while learning and reviewing important skills at the same time! Students can answer these Organize Data Task Cards in your classroom math journals or on the included recording sheets. These Organize Data Task Cards are perfect for assessment grades for 3rd Grade!

Once your students are use to the expectations of using task cards, your task card math center can run all year with different skills from a variety of over 700+ of my task cards! Click here to see all my task cards.
Click Here to Download These Organize Data Task Cards For Your Classroom Today!
When it comes to the ease of prepping these Organize Data Task Cards, all pieces are rectangular and easy for you or a parent volunteer to cut on a paper slicer. No need to cut around a cute turkey or round pumpkin task card, just rectangles with graphics that are adorable and eye catching to hold your students' interest!

Organize Data Task Cards and Recording Sheet Includes:
→ A Colorful Task Card Folder Cover and/or Math Center Poster
→ 2 Reference Cards Task Cards in Color
→ 8 Task Cards in Color
→ 1 Recording Sheet
→ 1 Answer Key Sheet - Perfect for a Student Self-Checking Sheet

These Organize Data Task Cards also include the answer key, which you can laminate and left at the center to allow it to be a student led, self-checking sheet. In small group lessons you can give each student two to three cards and they can help each other and review the Organize Data skill by checking the answers that their partner or neighbor answered, keeping everyone involved! Keep your students engaged, alert and on their toes with this one little, cute Organize Data Task Cards Resource!
Click Here to Download These Organize Data Task Cards For Your Classroom Today!

Click Here to Download These Organize Data Task Cards For Your Classroom Today!
*** Excellent for a substitute teacher folder, or sub tub! ***

Common Core State Standard
Draw a scaled picture graph and a scaled bar graph to represent a data set with several categories. Solve one- and two-step "how many more" and "how many less" problems using information presented in scaled bar graphs.

Organize Data Task Cards Task Cards are Perfect for...
  • Remediation and RTI groups
  • Substitute teacher folders
  • Scoot Game! Keep them all up and moving!
  • Math Workstations
  • Indoor recess
  • Read the Room Game
  • Morning work
  • Emergency sub tubs
  • Morning Math buckets
  • Math centers
  • Early morning students
  • After school tutoring
  • Parent Math Nights
  • And so much more!

Click Here to Download These Organize Data Task Cards For Your Classroom Today!
These Task Cards are so easy to prep, it is perfect to give to a parent volunteer who is asking, "How can I help?" or your PTA / PTO volunteer room. It is also terrific for an Emergency Substitute Tub, Folder or Binder!
Available at my TPT Store.
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