Tips To Help Deal With School Stress and a $100 Giveaway!

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas with Tips and Help with Teacher School Stress and An Amazing $100 Teacher Giveaway with Teach123!
Teacher School Stress
One of my favorite tips for helping with teacher's school stress is to set your clothes out the NIGHT BEFORE a school day. On Saturday or Sunday I like to set out my five outfits for the week in my closet. I hole punched index cards, labeled them Mon. to Fri. and placed them on five hangers. Nothing fancy, nothing to stress over, if you like, you could easily make these on a computer with cute fonts and clip art, but this is me, this is a picture of my real life. We moved back to Florida in 2008 and the ONLY THING the Navy movers lost were the signs I used for the kids' clothes. So when I was making some new ones I had an Ahhh-Haaa moment! I am not a morning person, so I made five more for me as I was making the children's signs and I've been using them ever since. 
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas with Tips and Help with Teacher School Stress and An Amazing $100 Teacher Giveaway with Teach123!
In my closet I have a little area with a hook on the wall where I hang up the outfit for the next day. I add any accessories I want to wear and that way in the morning, I don't have to make any choices. I know, it sounds like I'm a complete basket case in the mornings, I use to be, but life FORCED me to become a morning person. Children, breakfast, day care and having to stand at parent drop off duty with a smile on my face by 7:50 am will do that to a person.... stress, stress, stress! But at least without having to waste time in the morning looking for those favorite earrings or a missing left shoe, it allows me to be better prepared and ready for the school day.  

Next up, every month, on the 28th,  Michelle from Teach123 and I will be holding our Online Cyber Sunshine Committee Meeting!

Who can join? Teachers! Support Staff! Principals! Media Specialists! Homeschool Parents! Assistant Principals! Reading Coaches! PE Coaches!

What is an Online Cyber Sunshine Committee? Just like your school's sunshine committees that plans morale boosters and staff appreciation activities, online online! My friend, Michelle, and I were talking about how we would like to do something to thank our "cyber faculty".  We appreciate our online friends, online teachers. Your happy notes {Feedbacks} on TPT always bring us happiness so we would like to give a little back to you.

Each month we want to reach out and thank you for all your hard work with a HUNDRED DOLLAR HUG! This month we will be treating you with a clothing gift card! Yes, you read that right... need a pick me up? Something warm for fall? Is it raining a lot where you live and a new rain jacket for parent pick up is just the right thing?
The winner of our contest will get a $100 gift card for new clothes. With school in full swing, we know the stress level is rising, we've been there. 
We want to help :)
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Sports Writing Center Ideas and An Amazing $100 Teacher Giveaway with Teach123!
What's your favorite trick for getting ready for school? Some of my other favorite routines are...
* Packing my lunch the night before a school day.
* Signing all forms for my personal children and posting them on the garage door so they will get them on the way to their school. 
* Having an umbrella in the car ~ we've pretty much had rain every-single-day since September 1st this school year.
The winner of our giveaway will be announced on Sunday, November 1st, and they will pick their favorite mall and we will pick up the gift card! It's that easy, enter below on the Rafflecopter for a chance to win!  

On the Rafflecopter you will need to:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Come back every month on the 28th for a new HUNDRED DOLLAR HUG in our Online Cyber Sunshine Committee to see what we'll be giving away next! The gift certificates will be for morale boosting things such as:
  • SHOES: Pamper your feet with a new pair of shoes.
  • RESTAURANT: Too tired to cook? Dinner is on us  with a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant.
  • CLOTHES: Indulge yourself with a new outfit.
  • TARGET: Do a little retail therapy at teachers' favorite spot - the Dollar Spot!
The winner will be announced on Michelle and my Facebook page on the 1st day of each month October - May.  We will also email the winner.  The winner will have until the 3rd day of the month to respond to our email.  If we do not get a response by midnight EST on the 3rd, we will choose a new winner. 


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