We're Giving Away a Complete iPad Air 2 Package!

 We're Giving Away a Complete iPad Air 2 Package!
Throw Your Hands in the Air and
Wave Them Like You Just Don't Care!

OK, I'm showing my age, but I'm just so excited about my newest giveaway. The teacher authors at iTeachSecond have all pitched in and we are giving away an iPad Air 2, a case, a stylus pen AND an iTunes gift card to complete the deal! RIGHT? 

I am very excited about this contest, since I have just joined the REST OF THE WORLD in getting an iPad and all I can think of is WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG!?!?
My very favorite app, and one I wish I had when I was teaching or when my children were small {you know, BEFORE electricity was even invented...} is my Kindle app. I love being able to access books instantly, read a sample before I buy and I ♥love♥ how portable my book collection is with the Kindle.
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas ~ We're Giving Away a Complete iPad Air 2 Package!
A Strange Mix Indeed!
This is my most current reads, as you can see, I like to read the books before a TV show or movie. Then I torment my husband, "It was so different in the book..." while we watch it! :) But now that I have my iPad, I think of all the children's books I could have downloaded to read to my personal children at a restaurant, a doctor's waiting room, trips and vacations....all with just packing one device! But they are now 17 and 20 so the conversation goes a little like this now, "Have you read James Patterson's Zoo? Go download it, you will love it!" I'm suggesting now compared to me reading TO THEM!

Do you have any books you read this summer that you would recommend? Feel free to leave me a comment, I have so enjoyed reading for fun this summer! :)

NOW>>>>>Click here to head over to our iTeachSecond blog to enter to win! Good luck!

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