Tuesday Teacher Tips: Martin Luther King, Jr. Lessons and Freebies!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Lessons and Freebies from Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas.  
Color For Fun Martin Luther King, Jr. Freebie

This post was previously published on Jan. 13, 2015. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday, January 15th. Print these free coloring pages and add some creative writing time, BOOM, a highly engaging and differentiated lesson for the students, a quick and easy to prep activity for you.  

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Martin Luther King, Jr. Lessons and Freebies!
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Sometimes when we have to teach big, sad, historical events, it is best to give the little ones a few images, a few words, a few facts.

Something to build their knowledge on in the future, but just enough to help them get started now. No need to drowned them in facts and details that are too overwhelming for their age. The Space Shuttle Challenger, 911, President Kennedy, all important facts in US history, but maybe not all the facts at one time. 
Many of you will have Monday off as a school holiday and it is a perfect time to introduce a little Social Studies into your Reading Block. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a good man who wanted all kids to have equal rights is an excellent start. It brings it down to their level. 

Do I mean that you should "Dummy Down" a lesson? Skip the Gifted and Talent Kids? No, but there is a point when a lesson is no longer a lesson for a five or six year old when you start out with the detailed facts of his assassination. Once a child has been emerged in sadness, lesson over, call it a day. 

I've created a new FREEBIE for you, FREE Martin Luther King, Jr. Color For Fun Printable Coloring Pages, that are perfect for a Quick Write. To complete a Quick Write, for any grade level, show them a picture, and let them write for 1 minute per grade level on the back or on a separate sheet of paper, HOW THE PICTURE MAKES THEM FEEL. So, for example, a third grader would look at this picture and then write for three minutes based on what they feel.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Lessons and Freebies from Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas.
Then let them have some pair/share time to color and discuss with a partner what they wrote and they can add more details to their writing. Quiet, sneaky editing skills without them knowing!  Finally, come together with an anchor chart or on your overhead document camera and make a list of things about Martin Luther King, Jr. or any subject you are wanting to introduce.
Martin Luther King, Jr. Lessons and Freebies from Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas.
If you need something for a little more of a lesson, I have this resource, {MLK} Martin Luther King, Jr. Writing and Social Studies Center. 34 pages in color, as well as black and white for inexpensive printing. This writing center also comes with a center game, complete with center signs, teacher directions, student directions, work mats, a self-checking answer key and student cards. Grammar is built into the lesson with the main focus being FACT and OPINION. Also included in this packet is writing paper printables and the preview of this lesson comes with a freebie too, a printable for writing about their own dreams!
Martin Luther King, Jr. Lessons and Freebies from Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas.

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