Tuesday Teacher Tips: Service Projects

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Service Projects!
Every Tuesday Michelle, from Teach 123, and I will have a new installment of my favorite post, Tuesday Teacher Tips!
This is the time of year that many schools and churches hold can food drives for Thanksgiving. This is also a perfect time to incorporate a little high-interest science into the season of giving by adopting a Florida Manatee. The Save the Manatee Club allows teachers and their students to adopt one of the thirty-five manatees. You and your students can pick Flash, Annie, Bama, seriously it is so cute, you really get to pick the one you want to sponsor. You can vote on which one you want as a class with a mini-mock election even!
When you adopt a manatee, your class will get:
* An adoption certificate with a full-color photo and biography of your manatee
* A handbook
* The newsletter, The Manatee Zone
* The e-newsletter, Paddle Tales
Also, this year, if you adopt with $30 you will also receive the 2015 calendar. 

The two ways I recommend to adopt your manatee is too send a letter home asking parents for any spare change and have the students put it into a jar on your desk. Or, ask for an exact amount, a dollar or two, depending on the number of students. I've spent most of my career in Title One schools and asking for a few quarters always turned into a success. This way your students will really feel like THEY sponsored the adoption. If you have one or two that just don't have it, you or your room mom can always slip them a quarter or two to add to the jar.

Here is a little video explaining more about it from Jimmy Buffet! 

Click here to learn more. If you do adopt, I would love to hear more about your class and the experience since I am highly recommend it! :)

Last week my Tuesday freebies for you was a Thanksgiving Card.
I've included the card in color and in a black and white outline so the students can color it. Another terrific service project is making cards for our military overseas or a local nursing home.
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Tuesday Teacher Tips: Thanksgiving Tips and Freebies
You can even print some on colored card stock for the boys and girls to color! Click here or on the picture for the free download. :)
Michelle has some great tips about her experiences with service projects that she would like to share with you, too.
Be sure to head over to her blog!
Teach123's Tuesday Teacher Tip
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