Fern's Freebie Friday ~ FREE Mixed Addition Halloween Quick Easy Center and Printable

This Free Halloween Make and Take Center is available in my store at TPT.
 Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebie Friday ~ FREE Mixed Addition Halloween Quick and Easy Center and Printables at Teacherspayteachers.
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Halloween Addition Center Games with Nine Concepts

Halloween Addition Center Games with Nine Concepts
 On Fridays I'll list everything new for you and your lesson plans for next week! In addition to the freebie, I published two math task card sets to help you with Relating Addition to Multiplication.

Relate Addition to Multiplication Task Cards and Recording Sheets for 3.OA.A.1
 Relate Addition to Multiplication Task Cards and Recording Sheets No Common Core
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Did you get last week's Freebie Friday?Fern's Freebie Friday ~ FREE Halloween Fun! Basic Addition - Color Your Answers Printable Sample 
Fern's Freebie Friday ~ FREE Halloween Fun! Basic Addition - Color Your Answers Printable Sample
If not, click here or on the picture to download it today!
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Tuesday Teacher Tips: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Tuesday Teacher Tips: Parent-Teacher ConferencesTuesday Teacher Tips: Parent-Teacher Conference
Every Tuesday Michelle, from Teach 123, and I will have a new installment of my favorite post, Tuesday Teacher Tips!
This week's tip is about having a smooth, calm, happy parent-teacher conference.
Parent-teacher conferences can make or break you. No matter what, you need to win parents over, they need to be on your side and be supportive of what you are trying to teach their child. Every "baby" is somebody's "baby." No parent likes to hear how horrible their child is, remember, they have lived with that child a lot longer than you, they probably already know all the child's bad points! :/
If you remember a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it will help you have a smooth and successful conference.
1. The first piece of bread represents starting out with a fact about the conference.
"Thank you so much for coming, I'm so concerned about Little Susie's fluency."
2.The peanut butter and jelly represent two kind things you can start out the conference with about the student.
"Susie is the sweetest child I have ever meet, she is also kind to everyone on the playground."
3. The last piece of bread is for the facts you need to help the parent with about the first piece of bread.
"If Susie could x and y and z, I feel her fluency will improve, etc. etc. etc."
Then open it up to any other concerns the parent has about their child. No matter what, always wind up with thanking the parent for coming to your conference.
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Michelle has some great tips about parent-teacher conferences that she would like to share with you, too.
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Teach123's Tuesday Teacher Tip
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