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Read to Someone
Partner Reading, Read with Others, Pair Share, Read with a Friend, Read to Someone, no mater what you call it, kids need it. Partner reading is a research-based fluency strategy used with readers who are weak in their reading fluency. When using partners, more fluent readers can be paired with less fluent readers, or children who read at the same level can be paired to reread a story they have already read. 

The Daily Five is a structured system that will help students develop the daily habits of reading, writing and working with peers that will lead to a lifetime of independent literacy. The daily five uses the term EEKK, which stands for students sitting elbow, elbow, knee, knee.
My Tip
Start out strong, have the students sit side by side in two chairs. The students face the same way and sit side by side with their elbows next to each other, same with the knees. BUT, as the weeks go by I let the students relax more, they may lay on a rug, or a big comfy chair, even share a bean bag, because let's face it, as an adult, you want to get nice and comfy when you read, so do our students. While we teach reading and encourage a love of reading, we also want reading to come as naturally as breathing, something enjoyable that they desire! If the students start to take advantage of it, and start to misbehave, it is so easy to say, "Do you need to move back into a chair?" 
No ~ behavior clip system, 
no ~move your card, 
no ~ call your Mom....
This way you can continue to work with your reading group and your Reading block of time will roll along smoothly.
That's the tip, I hope it helps!
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  1. I agree - we need to help students learn to LOVE reading! I also start off with the students sitting in chairs when partner reading, but the chairs are facing opposite directions / next to each other. (Each child has their own book). After they are use to reading - I LOVE letting them read around the room in their book nooks together. :) GREAT job and reminder to be firm but fair and set expectations high in the beginning! Thanks for sharing!

  2. My students absolutely LOVE partner reading! Great tip!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  3. Great tips! I need to instate partner reading this year. I have read about it and will take the plunge this year. I'm glad I found you through the You Oughta Know blog hop. I am a new follower!

    i Heart Second

    The Think Aloud Cloud

  4. I love how you start off strong... and then back off for the kids to have some freedom and personal choice. Kids really need to feel like they are in control of their learning at times and this helps for sure!

    Jennifer from Simply Kinder


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