Wish List Wednesday Giveaway: Center Game Math Addition "Doubles Plus One" Concept

Wednesday's Wish List Giveaway and TPT Sale!
Each week some of my teacher-author friends at Owl-ways Be Inspired are going to get together and wish you, our followers, a Happy Wish List Wednesday by having a sale on one of our most popular "Wish Listed" items on TPT. In addition to the savings, on each blog you will have a chance to enter to win the item too!
My Number One Wish Listed Item This Week
Center Game Math Addition "Doubles Plus One" Concept
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Let's have some fun this summer EVERY Wednesday!
I also want to thank my friend Amanda at Teaching Maddeness for such a terrific graphic!

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  1. Wow this looks perfect for a review next year in 2nd grade!!!

  2. I like to use small whiteboards and give students a problem to solve. They keep their own tally marks to see who scores the most and I can help ones that don't understand a concept.

  3. I like to use playing cards. With playing cards, you can practice number sense, place value, measures of central tendency, addition--lots of things.

    Creations by Mrs. Mouse

  4. I like to play a game called Bankers game. Its practice for place value. We use base ten blocks.

  5. I like to play a game called Bankers game. Its practice for place value. We use base ten blocks.

  6. l love to play jeopardy review games.

  7. I like to play War-type games to help develope number sense early on.

  8. Bump is pretty fun to play small or whole group

  9. My kids love bump, and since we are working one on one at tutoring, we only have 2-3 people together to play a game, so that's a good one. I download every different board I can find for holidays, etc., and my kids love them. Thanks for your Giveaway as well as all of your wonderful freebies and great units.


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