Tuesday Teacher Tips: Crayon Management

Crayon Management with Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas and Teach123, always including a FREEBIE for you!
Hello! This summer I'll be running one or two of my favorite posts from the past. I was so pleased to call it a "Summer Fun Rerun" but then realized most of you were born and live in the world of ON-DEMAND! But back when I was growing up, if you really liked a show, you were all excited that you got to watch one or two of the episodes in the summer as a rerun, no On-Demand, No DVDs, No Netflix, not even VHS tapes! So enough about me being so old.....   
Crayon Management with Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas and Teach123, always including a FREEBIE for you!
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Crayon Management
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In my old district, homeless families are placed at one of three local hotels until they can get a more permanent home. My previous school was zoned for all three hotels. These are some of the saddest children that will ever show up at  your door as a "new student." With their family owning basically nothing, school supplies are the lowest thing on their list. These students could be with us a day, a week or even longer if they moved into a permanent home in our area.
We had a closet at our school stocked and supplied by a local church and business partners. We could grab a backpack and load it with crayons, pencils, notebooks, paper, etc. It was like a mini-Target. If we only had those children for one day, at least they had a new, fresh backpack of supplies they could use to color, write or draw with....one thing they could at least call their own and help ease into the classroom with a feeling of belonging.

It only takes one person to make a difference.
You can start by collecting crayons this August when the stores have them on sale for 5 cents. Ask your friends, family, a church group, a neighborhood association, a woman's club, the people you know are endless and this is a very easy project for a group. Then, next thing you know, you'll be getting pencils, notebook paper, markets, etc.
Crayon Management with Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas and Teach123, always including a FREEBIE for you!
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It will be win/win for everyone!

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  1. I am at school with the same problem, children living in hotels. I know to them new anything is a blessing. Thank you for the letter, I am going to use it around my community and I think my facebook friends would love to help out as well.

  2. Wow, that's terrific that you can send those little ones home with a set of school supplies! My students are always telling me they don't have any crayons at home, but if I send some home with them it seems they must get in trouble with them and their mom throws them away. Sounds like they are needing a little more supervision.

    Anyway this is my tip, it may sound a little weird, but here goes. I usually do community supplies in my room because I have had several students who enjoy coloring in their desk. So at the end of the year, I used to give all of the crayons away. The last few years, I have gone through and gotten rid of the broken ones then put the rest in a tub with a lid to keep to start the school year. Some time we wouldn't get any supplies from the office and sometimes we did this way I had crayons to start off the year. BTW: I would give crayons to a student at the end of the year if they wanted some.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. I still get excited by a new pack of crayons! I also have several crayon tubs for my whole classroom to use, but I also have class packs of crayons available for any child to use that are kept in a separate bin. I keep my bins of crayons in various places to eliminate a lot of wandering around the classroom. I also collect used crayons at the end of the school year from neighbors, friends, etc. Most people are happy to get rid of the used ones since they often replace them with new crayons in September. dmp970@msn.com

  4. I love the smell of crayons and the flat new tips on a brand new boxful! I still use crayons myself, for things I'm going to present to the class in a lesson, or when we do activities together.

    In my first grade classroom, the kiddos get to keep their very own crayons in their desks--a big step for new firsties. Of course they love this, along with having their own desks, since they use community supplies in kindergarten.

  5. Love new crayons! I too have a classroom pack and we use community supplies in the middle of the tables so that no one has to worry about going without. We refresh them throughout the year.


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