Tuesday Teacher Tips: Sub Plans

Fern Smith's Tuesday Teacher Tips: Sub Plans
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Sub Plans
Hello Everyone! Summer 2016
"Summer Fun Rerun!"

Welcome to Week Four of our New Tuesday Teacher Tips! Every Tuesday please stop by for a new installment of our Tuesday Teacher Tips!

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Fern Smith's Tuesday Teacher Tips: Sub Plans
Sub Plans
I subbed for a few months here and there during my teaching career. Being a Navy Wife you take work where you can while you wait for the start of a new school year in a new state, or a new state license, or your old state you are back in....
Anyway, my point is, I have walked in the shoes of a substitute. Their job is very, very, very hard. Did I mention their job is extremely hard? My post today is actually to share a laugh with you.
At the beginning of last school year I was asked to sit in some interviews with my principal and a few other teachers. So I had a sub in my class....it was hard, it was the beginning of the year, they were still learning the routines and expectations of my classroom. Well, I returned to my room that afternoon and this was what the note said,

"These are the worse kids I have ever met."  
Yep, welcome to my World.
But Fern, what laugh? What punchline? This is one of your least funny stories.....turns out the sub had just retired from the police force! 
AND, yes, it was one of the longest years in my career! :)
Fern Smith's Simple No-Fuss, No-Muss Sub Plan FREEBIE!
A Simple No-Fuss, No-Muss Sub Plan FREEBIE!

I've made you a FREE detailed schedule SUB PLAN. Have a volunteer print you a few in August and you will be all ready to go. Write your times in the first column, what subject or event {ex: Lunch} in the second column and sign your name. I have never had a year where my schedule doesn't change, so you can fill in the time and event for an August sub, and then you're ready to go for a sub in February, even with a schedule change. If you need more room, just staple two together, the sub will not mind the extra details!
I have previous written two blog posts about leaving your desk ready for a sub is you would like to visit them for more ideas.

Fern Smith's Organization ~ Always Leaving Your Desk Ready for a Substitute Teacher
Organization ~ Always Leaving Your Desk Ready for a Substitute Teacher
Fern Smith's Organization ~ Leaving Your Desk Always Ready for a Sub & a FREEBIE!
Organization ~ Leaving Your Desk Always Ready for a Sub & a FREEBIE!
Both of those blog posts will have an explanation of each number in the picture!
Organization is the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher! It is the difference between a great teacher and an excellent teacher because you are not wasting your time & energy looking for things!

Looking for more tips?
Click on the picture below to go to my Pinterest Substitute Teaching Tips Board. I would ♥love it if you would like to follow it too!
Fern Smith's Substitute Teaching Tips for Elementary Substitute Teachers Pinterest Board.
Michelle has some great tips about sub plans and what works for her that she would like to share with you, too.
Be sure to hop over to her blog!
Teach123's Tuesday Teacher Tip

 Last Week's Winner!
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  1. As a person who spends some time co-teaching I can tell you that subs really appreciate when teacher's leave a list of a few students that can be trusted to answer their questions and help them out if they can't find something.

    The Math Maniac

  2. I have only subbed a few months but I would always get confused when the schedule would say something like: 10:00-10:40 Daily 5 10:40-11:15 PE. I could not tell what time to be where! I did have one teacher actually put in the transition time and it was very helpful and I was not late! Adding an extra transition line or even just changing it so that the lesson or activity time ends a few minutes before the students actually need to be somewhere else will really help out a sub.

    April R.

  3. Before I got my first teaching job, I was a sub for a year. I have to agree, it is difficult. I have noticed that because of that experience my sub plans are really detailed. (Maybe too detailed) Thank you for the great post!

    Ms Richards's Musings

  4. I have a generic plan that I use for a typical day. It has blanks for me to fill in appropriate page numbers and homework. I used to make copies of it and fill it out the day before. This year my plan is to place it in a sheet protector so I can quickly write the missing information using a dry erase marker. That way I will be saving on daily copies of sub plans for those emergency call-outs.

  5. I am working on making sub binders for my team this summer. When one of us has an unplanned absence and are unable to come up to the school and get ready, we always cover for each other. This will speed that up so much. I LOVE your ideas and creations. Gonna grab them! You should come by and link up with me! I'm having a linky party for classroom prep and organization this week! Thanks! Julie

  6. The link to your free Sub Plan Schedule you are offering on facebook/Classroom Freebies is not working. It says it no longer exists or it has been moved.

    1. Thank you for letting me know, I'll upload it in the morning. Feel free to email me FernleySmith@gmail.com and I will also send it to you.

    2. June 21, 2015 ~ Updated and the link is working, thanks, Fern


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