The Biggest Pumpkin Ever Writing Center for Common Core

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The Biggest Pumpkin Ever By Steven Kroll ~ Over 200 pages!
Interest Level K - 3rd grade
Guided Reading Level N, DRA 20 - 24, Lexile 570 and AR 3.5
Enough items for two weeks at your writing center!
*Center Signs and/or Center Folder Covers
*Teacher’s directions
*Student’s directions
*189 The Biggest Pumpkin Ever Vocabulary Pocket Chart Cards OR
*Project them with your document camera
*9 Story Starter Pocket Chart Cards OR
*Project them with your document camera
*55 Student stationary pages / worksheets with and without the nine story starters.
*ABC order activity with worksheet.
There is a colorful version and a black/white version to save money on colored ink.
*Send the black and white version home for weekly homework flash card and writing practice!
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever on Youtube
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever Books
When you download the FREE PREVIEW
You will get these three freebies!
 Free Writing Center Sign
 Free October Writing Paper
 Free October Writing Paper in Color!
All Common Core Listed for Your Lesson Planning!
RF.K.2, RF.K.3, L.K.1, L.K.2, W.K.1, W.K.2 and W.K.3
1st Grade
RFS.1.3, RFS.1.4, L.1.2, W.1.1, W.1.2 and W.1.3
2nd Grade
RFS.2.3, RFS.2.4, L.2.2, W.2.1, W.2.2 and W.2.3
3rd Grade
RF.3.3, RF.3.4, L.3.2, W.3.1, W.3.1.d, W.3.2, W.3.2d, W3.3, W.3.3a, W.3.3b, W.3.3c, W.3.3d and W.3.10. 

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