Happy Veterans Day!

I'm Proud to Be a Military Wife!
My husband is now retired and has the exact same job except he works for a private company at the exact same hanger. I have always been very proud of everything he has done for our country and our family. 
 Fresh Out of Boot Camp Many, Many Years Ago!
We live in a military town and I teach in a military town. We are lucky that we have today off and our son, who is in the high school's ROTC, will be holding the flag in our town's parade!
I want to thank all the teachers that were military, are married to military or their children are military! Because of you, we are still the land of the free and the home of the brave

My friend Michelle, at Teach123, and I have both offered free teaching resources both this year and last year for your classroom. So if you have to work today, it sure would be nice if we can help you show this next generation about Veterans Day!
2012 Resources
2013 Resources

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