Organization ~ Laundry! 'Cause Teachers Are People Too!

Fern Smith's Three Organizational tips for laundry. Because teachers are people too! 
It is a love-hate battle!
Some of us were talking on Facebook {Shouldn't I say typing on Facebook?} about laundry and what do you do with the dirty clothes until wash time. I have two, Ok, maybe three, tips that I wish someone had shared with me when I first had children. {November 1994.....that's been a lot of laundry!}
Tip One
Put two laundry hampers in each closet. No matter how small the closet is, you can buy two hampers, large or small that will fit. One will be whites and the other is colors. That way you can sort as you undress and as your children get older, they will already has this excellent habit. In our family we have two of these types of hampers in each of our closets.
The picture makes them look small, but they are about up to your knees. The inside is a mesh bag that you can lift out, drag to the laundry room, then put your clean clothes back in and drag back to your bedroom. {Where, if you are my daughter they will stay in the white mesh bag for a few days, but that's another post for another day!}
Tip Two
When your children are old enough to play a video game, they are old enough to play the Washing Maching game! I have really nice, high-dollar {well, high-dollar compared to what we use to own!} Frigidaire machines that I got as a steal slightly used with TPT earnings. #TPTBlessed :)
My mom did all the laundry, I was an only child and she use to say she didn't want me to break the machines. I get that, but I really think she enjoyed the peace and quite of being left alone! Anyway, that doesn't matter, if you are worried about them breaking the machines, then stand with them as they push the buttons, put the soap in and shut the door. It is a lot easier on you for the next 14 or so years, trust me on this one!
Tip Three
Wash each family member's clothing separately. I use to think you need a 'full load' to save water and money. All it did was exhaust me, all the socks started to look the same, who wore what size shorts? Who's FSU t-shirt is it? We own a lot of FSU stuff and the teens all wear adult sizes! My husband's standard is ~ if it is stained it is the 15 y/o's shirt, if it is not stained, it is my husbands! :)
With today's washers having all sorts of settings, depending on how many clothes you have and how often you need to do wash, you don't always have to run a full load, but keep each family members stuff in one will be so much easier!
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