Needing An Inexpensive Way To Organize Your Classroom?

Inexpensive Ways to Use Household Items for Back to School Organization
A Bright, Colorful Paper Clip Container
So I haven't used this instant coffee since college and I swear it jumped right off the shelf at the store and into my buggy. Not for the coffee, but because I needed to make something neat with that container for school. I originally posted this blog post in July 2013, but it is still perfect for Back to School this year too. 

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, everything tells teachers, spend, spend, spend...your classroom is not perfect until it looks like the inside of the IKEA catalog. THAT.IS.JUST.NOT.TRUE.

Your students need a calm, happy, teacher, one that wants to teach, one that has her lesson plans ready to go.....if you're tired and strung out because you were spray painting perfectly good book bins a different color at 2am, you are not going to be an effective teacher.

After staying home and caring for both of my elderly parents until they passed away, then moving back to my husband's hometown, I'm thinking of returning to teaching. The district I live in only pays once a month. I've never worked for a district that does that, but my point is.... if someone is a new hire, they DON'T have the money, to drop hundreds of dollars at Target to create a Pinterest perfect classroom. AND.... they shouldn't have to do that for their job.

There are many ways to recycle items at home for your classroom.
Inexpensive Ways to Use Household Items for Back to School Organization
I washed this instant coffee container out and covered it with a little scrapbooking paper and stickers. You could use any color and match any decor. Campbell Soup cans, veggie cans, boxes that hold the greeting cards, anything, anything at all can look a little better with a cleaning and some left-over paper! 

When I first wrote this post, this was my daily photobomb. I was getting ready to take the picture and Anna jumped up on the chair and they spilled everywhere, it never fails, good thing she's cute, and we love her, even if she was just born with a resting-grumpy-face! :)
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