April Showers Bring May Flowers For Today's Quick and Easy Art Project!

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Today's QUICK AND EASY ART is an April Showers Bring May Flowers Bulletin Boards!

In Florida we have the END OF THE YEAR FCAT TEST in the middle of April...sad, I know. We have to strip our walls, tables & bookcases complete. We take down and we cover up. It is so sad and that, more than the test, tells the kids ~ THE YEAR IS OVER!
My classroom the Sunday before the FCAT.
But, we push on....we don't have an art teacher and with testing, testing, testing, our 3rd graders don't get to do a lot of crafts. They loved this simple bulletin board. Our team all put them up differently, but it was the same easy lesson.
April Showers
May Flowers!
I let the students pick the colors they want to use and I show them a few simple steps on the board...

1. An umbrella is an upside down U, add some wiggles and then turn your paper around. Draw a candy cane for the handle and you're done!
2. A tulip is the letter U again and then close it up with the letter W.
3. The flower {and the clouds} are just a 'wavy circle' around the page.
4. Then they drew any kind of little bug or creature that they liked.
They're not perfect, but it is their own creations!


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  1. Thank you Fern! I just linked up my lima bean craftivity. Those bulletin boards are adorable!

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