Making Thing One & Thing Two Hair for Halloween!

Are you looking for a quick and easy Halloween idea for your classroom, grade level, team or school. Thing 1 and Thing 2 hair is quick, easy and a BIG HIT! It is so easy, you can even get what you need on the way to work!
 I'm Thing 3!

It seems like the shirts are now available everywhere, Universal, Target, Walmart, they are even easy to create with iron on fusible interfacing and felt or with Silhouette machines!

Directions for Thing 1 Hair:
This is a two person job. 
1. Place an empty water bottle {16 oz.} on your head and then have a friend gather all your hair into a ponytail around the bottle.
2. Next, place a ponytail holder around the rim of the bottle to hold your hair in place. Use bobby pins to pin up any bangs or short hair. 
4. Last, spray blue hair dye all over. The WASHABLE color spray dyes are available at Wal*Mart and many other discount stores.

If you do create the Thing One and Thing Two hair, go out to eat to lunch or dinner together, I dare you! :)
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  1. Love this!!! Too cute!!!
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