An Amazing Idea for a Valentine's Day Card!

An Amazing Idea for a Valentine's Day Card! AT Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas!
How Cute Is This?
This Cutie-Pie's Mom works with me and I just fell in love with it! She gave me permission to post this and pin this. Because what child doesn't love to see their own picture? AND... What child doesn't love to receive a card or party invitation with CANDY attached?!?!

1. Take the picture with your child's hand outstretched.
2 On your computer add text to the downloaded picture!
3. Send to Walgreens, Wal*Mart, CVS, anywhere online that makes photos! 
4. When you get the picture, cut a small slit at the top and the bottom of the hand.
5. Insert lollipop!!
6. Expect praise for such a cool idea! :)  

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