Guest Post: Unit Tubs to Organize Your Classroom!

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas guest post - Mary Amoson of Sharing Kindergarten talks about organization for your classroom.
I'm so excited to share my FIRST guest post! Mary Amoson of Sharing Kindergarten is my super star today! I ♥love organization and she has some wonderful ideas to share with you!
HI! This is Mary from Sharing Kindergarten. My school year is almost done and I LOVE to leave the year with organized files and units. I always straighten things up in post planning.
I am excited to get a chance to talk to you all today about how I organize my Unit Tubs for Science, Social Studies, and Holidays. I love to see how teachers store their "stuff" so here is a peak at mine.
The best thing about teaching Kindergarten is how much freedom I have to cover standards. The bad thing is... I have a TON of stuff. I use a Rubbermaid tube for each weekly unit. I use smaller tubs so I can lift them easily and because I can purchase clear ones.
I always label them from the inside, but so I can see them from the outside. Pictures work great as well.
When I open the lid, I have each day labeled when applicable. This is typical for a science or social studies tub since the ideas and activities build on one another. For holidays, these files usually say Math, Graphing, Fun, Readers, etc. I put the books at the end of the files. I use my books in my book baskets long after I teach using them, so I file them away later. This is what works for me.
Lastly, I place them on my shelves. They are all in order according to when I use them. This rocks because I can put one tub on the shelf and grab the next one.

Since I go through them all at the end of each school year, I also take time to put all lost items away, returned items other teachers' borrow, and purge all the items I no longer need.
Do you go through your buns/tubs/storage at the end of each school year too? What unit do you have the MOST items for? I think I have 4 tubs for Christmas alone!

Mary Amoson is a teacher, mother, and an educational blogger. She believes that learning should be fun and natural, and is most often playing games with her students as they discover learning. She is so passionate about her dream job in education and her incredible students and families that she wants to share it all with you.  Visit her blog or at her Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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  1. Love unit tubs! I do it myself and it's such a time saver!!!


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  2. I can not believe how many tubs you have!!!! lol!

  3. :) hi, im your newest follower, :)



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