Easy Leprechaun Pudding for St. Patrick's Day!

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I went back and read my old post about Leprechaun Pudding, I can't believe I've been writing this blog for over a year! :) What I wrote last year is the same for what I will do this year...

This is my very favorite activity all year! We make Leprechaun Pudding! White powder, milk and the all important magic words {I always say...."Someone's poisoned the water hole!" from Toy Story...for some reason, it kills them!} Anyway...next thing you know....Ta-Da ~~~ Green Leprechaun Pudding with GOLD NUGGETS! It is actually Jello's Pistachio Pudding which comes in a bag completely white and the white powder hids the nuts. When the milk is added they get green pudding and the gold nuggets! There is nothing.better.than.hearing "I feel bumps in mine!" "I have yellow lumps!" "I have gold!!!" Then finally, "I have Leprechaun Gold!!!"

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  1. Kids are so cute! I really like this idea. Sounds like fun!

    Have a great weekend!



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