Chili Cheese Hotdogs for Lunch Bunch!

Chili Cheese Hot Dogs for Lunch Bunch!
This was one of the best ideas for Lunch Bunch! There was something that everyone liked.....
Don't like hot dogs? Have just chili!
Don't like chili? Have nachos!
Don't like hot dogs, chili or nachos? Have a salad!
Get the picture?!?! Yummmmy!
*Hot dogs warming in a crock pot of hot water
*Shredded Cheese
*Shredded Letuce
*Chopped Onions
*Nacho Chips
*Potato Chips
*Cole Slaw
*Cake, we always seem to have dessert! A wonderful dessert! We say NO DESSERTS, but the team cooking that Wednesday always includes a dessert! Yummmmmmy!
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  1. Love this...I thought at first it was your end of semester party idea. I think the children would love this at the end of the school year. :)


    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

  2. What a great idea!
    That would be fun, they would love fixing them!


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