Organization ~ Keys, Keys, Keys and More Keys!

Our Key Racks ~ In the Garage Right Outside the Kitchen Door

We are a family of 4 vehicles, so someone is always having to move a car so someone else can get out of our driveway. We have keys to the boat, keys to the gates, keys to a storage unit, keys to bike locks, keys to padlocks, keys, keys, keys and more keys! This is also AFTER we moved and I found keys to home we no longer even own! I love organization and I am trying so hard to unpack and have this new home run smoothly. What I love about having this right here is that no one is running around in the mornings late for school/work looking for their keys.
Everything on the wall was from garage sales. We broke the Welcome sign hook somewhere in Texas, so that's a "fixer-upper" that still has not been "fixed" but is still "up!" The air freshener is because we keep a trash can and the recycle bins right below this area. This helps keeps the cars clean {in theory anyway!} and the paper towels are so everyone can wipe their car windows down in the moring if needed.
The two signs were put there while we were moving instead of the lanai and it just "kind of fit" so I left them! I also have two new Command Clips on the door, one for each child. Everywhere else we have lived the door from the kitchen to the outside was metal, so we used magnets. But the door in our new house isn't, so I put these up and that's where we clip lunch money, notes, signed report cards, etc. etc. Since everyone leaves in the morning at different times, they know to look at their hook on the door. I love these things!

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