Warm Fuzzy Number Two!

My first day of Third Grade Reading Camp was wonderful! I had the nicest "warm fuzzy" from a parent. Click here to read that first post. Then day two had a second warm fuzzy! A parent sent me a sandwich for my lunch because {and I quote} "You are giving up your summer to teach my son." Wow! I've had great years, but never this much appreciation in such a short period of time! :)
That being said ~ DAY TWO of summer school kicked my tail, the day then threw it in reverse & ran over me backwards, stopping to kick my teeth in too for good measure! You've been there, I know & I know you are laughing at how bad my day was! That's why I'm here, to spread joy & humor your way at my expense! ;)
I had spent the first day doing expectations, pep talks for the SAT 10 test & lots of role playing with the Daily Five, our Daily Task Folder & my Fetch Folder! Great ~ full speed ahead! Day two I realized that I forgot to role play how to select where you are going for each one of the 'five' ~ BAM! They couldn't handle it, it took too long each time, they couldn't understand that there are only 3 headsets at the listening center, 2 computers, etc. etc. , then they barely had time at the center & some actually cried because their "Read to Self" time was too short! Go figure!?!?! So I regrouped and for just the summer I am just assigning them to the different times and locations. Days 3 & 4 were wonderful! :) Now to enjoy the 3 day weekends summer school brings!

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