Today's Warm Fuzzy!

So today was the start of our third graders' "Summer Reading Camp" for the children who did not pass the FCAT. It is off to an excellent start, they were well behaved, respectful & eager to work! Goldfish for snack and the treasure box also helps get everyone off to a great start too! But what caught me so off guard today was the parent phone call at 12:00 to make sure a student was picked up on time. The father's exact quote was, "I love you Mrs. Smith for working this summer to help my son." Wow! I've had many "thank you"s, lots of "bless you"s but never has a person thanked me like that! I will put that compliment away in my mental Rolodex and pull it out on one of those bad days in the future!


  1. Don't comments like that just make it all worth while!!?!
    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  2. Good for you! We all need those comments every now and then!

    I love you, too, for your dedication to your students even during the summer! :)


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