My Biography in Our Student Yearbook!

My co-teacher does a BIG yearbook at the end of the year. She has copies of the ones she has made from as far back as 20 years ago & they are wonderful! She will see grown-ups at the store and they use to be in her class. The first thing they tell her is that they still have the class made yearbook! Our class yearbook had over 120 pages this year and it is definitely a tradition I will do each year! 

This is my page. I was interviewed by one of the students and then he wrote this about me ~ ~ ~

Mrs. Smith is the best. Mrs. Smith has been a teacher for 18 years and she is 44 years old. She was born in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She lives in Fleming Island, Florida. Her best friend is Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is 39 years old. She has two kids and six dogs! She loves to go boating. I love that she taught me this year!

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas End of the Year Memory Book - Yearbook.
Look ~ I love small groups so much, he
actually drew me at the U-shaped table!

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