LiveSchool is a Cool New Classroom Management App

LiveSchool is a Cool New Classroom Management App
Cool New Class Management App
LiveSchool is a free classroom management app worth checking out! Created for teachers, by teachers, LiveSchool makes it easy to create a behavior rewards system in your classroom. Even better, it is set up so that you can invite other teachers on your team to create a consistent rewards system between classrooms. They don’t have an app yet, but the website works on phones, tablets, computers, and smartboards.

LiveSchool’s interface is similar to ClassDojo. You can click on students and award points for positive behavior. LiveSchool has some extra time-saving features like double-tapping a student or selecting multiple behaviors all at once. You can also leave a comment for other teachers to see.

As teachers give positive behavior points, student “bank accounts” grow. At the end of the week you can print a “paycheck” for each student with one click that includes detailed feedback on behavior for parents to look over and sign. Pretty cool!

I spoke with LiveSchool’s CEO to learn more about the company’s mission. LiveSchool is trying to make it easier for teachers to get students engaged and motivated to learn new behavior expectations. They work with teachers and schools in almost every state in the US. A lot of their customers have adopted Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS), and LiveSchool works great with PBIS. LiveSchool has a paid version for schools, but they recently launched a free version for up to five teachers that is totally free! 

I know that the paperwork to make a behavior rewards system can be a big pain and take time away from teaching. LiveSchool helps save a lot of time by crunching the numbers for you so that you can spend more time with your kids. Great resource to know about, and it is free to sign up! I highly recommend that you check them out!

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