You Oughta Know About ... Bulletin Board Trim

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Blog Hop for You Oughta Know About ... Bulletin Board Trim
You Oughta Know About...this little tip for bulletin boards. I wish I had known it sooner! 
Each year I pick out one color and I use that trim for the entire room, yes, the entire room! Your students and parents will love what you put ON the bulletin board. They will not go home thinking, "That Mrs. Smith, she used all blue trim this year." 
When you use one color for all your boards, you will never run out of one side or if a student trips and grabs the board, ripping the bottom, you will have back up trim left over!
No stress of running to the store right before school starts because you ran out of a certain pattern on a certain board.
You have enough to worry about during the first week of school! :)
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Blog Hop for You Oughta Know About ... Bulletin Board Trim
 I'm part of a terrific blog hop this month,
You Oughta Know... and I invite you to hop around for more wonderful ideas for your classroom! 

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  1. I like this practical no frills approach. You are so right...what is on the board is what is important. I even think that really busy borders are a distraction. Teaching Science With Lynda

  2. Thank you so much, Fern! I actually love this idea! It keeps it simple and looking good at the same time! I am thinking maybe....thick black ribbon would be great too. Love!
    Best wishes!

  3. Nice time saving idea and it gives your classroom a seamless and coordinated look.
    Mrs. Paul's Corner

  4. I do the same gives my classroom a more organized look, less chaos and distraction, and (most importantly) I don't have to change the borders every month!


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