Tuesday Teacher Tips: Stay At Home School Volunteers

Fern Smith's Tuesday Teacher Tips: At Home School Volunteers
 Tuesday Teacher Tips: Stay At Home School Volunteers
Every Tuesday Michelle, from Teach 123, and I will have a new installment of my favorite post, Tuesday Teacher Tips!
This week's tip is about families who don't have a car or mobility to come volunteer in your classroom, but really want to help you. Over the years I've found that many parents and EVEN grandparents enjoy having something at home to work on for your classroom. It makes them feel important and included in their child's classroom / education. I had one favorite mother who did "her homework" making things for me while her daughter did her real homework every afternoon!

If you follow my blog and TPT store you know I believe in centers and center games to keep primary students engaged.
With digital files, I have found that many parents are even happy to print your center game at home. Then they sent it to school with the student. I would turn it into the PFA Volunteer room to get laminated and then send it back home with the student for the parent to finish cutting and creating the center for you.

I recommend investing in an expandable folder with a clasp so the student can take items home to their parents and then return them safely back to school. I would buy a few different colored ones with handles so the different students would know which one is their folder. It is so cute to watch them go to the bus or day care van carrying it like a little business suitcase!

An Expandable Folder with a Clasp is the Answer to Getting Items from Home to School!
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Stay At Home School Volunteers
I've created this FREE poster/sign for you.
Many families that don't have transportation are very proud and don't really want to talk about it openly at Meet the Teacher day. By putting this sign up, it is inviting families to help you while still helping them to keep their dignity. Feel free to download this quick printable and place at your sign in sheet table or in the window of your classroom.

Click HERE to download this poster.

Here are some FREE downloadable parent volunteer sheets for you as well. Pick one, print it, hole-punch it, set it out at Meet the Teacher night and when you put it in your binder {from last week}, you'll be ready to go.
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Stay At Home School Volunteers
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Stay At Home School Volunteers
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Stay At Home School Volunteers
 Amazon Items to Help You


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Michelle has some great tips about volunteering for a field trip and what has worked for her in the classroom that she would like to share with you, too.
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Teach123's Tuesday Teacher Tip
In addition to our tips each week, we are hoping that you will share some of your ideas in the comments below!Tuesday Teacher Tips: Pencil Management at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
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  1. My tip is pretty similar to yours....I teach the upper grades though and don't use as many games/centers, so I have parents volunteer to recreate anchor charts for me at home. I have an entire Pinterest board full of anchor charts that I want to make for my classroom but never have the time. (Of course, I make charts with students, but my handwriting can be messy and I like to have a neater version to display for students to refer to.) I just print off a copy of the anchor chart from Pinterest and send it home with my chart paper pad and markers! The moms love to work on them in their own time and are usually MUCH neater than I'd do on my own! I've only had one chart that wasn't really up to my standards, so I just found something else for that mom to do instead. :)

  2. My email is katie_wilson@comcast.net :D

  3. Thank you, Fern for calling attention to the parents who want to be involved but either don't have transportation or have tiny ones at home. I teach in a district with a lot of young families and many of my parents want to help but can't come in to the classroom. I made a "parent pack" to send home with my kiddos whose parents wanted to volunteer from home. It is a lightweight back pack with and plastic 5 x 7 in. pencil box inside. The box holds glue sticks, scissors, a small stapler and staple remover etc. Anything that would be needed to do the home project. I put everything, along with written directions, in the back pack and send it home. It's worked really well and my parents really appreciate the opportunity to be involved.



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