Tuesday Teacher Tips: Incentives

Tuesday Teacher Tips: Incentives at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas FREE Filling Up Your Treasure Box Ideas
 Tuesday Teacher Tips: Incentives
Hello Friends! 
This summer my friend Michelle and I are going to be bringing you a new feature! Every Tuesday please stop by for a new installment of our Tuesday Teacher Tips!  
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Tuesday Teacher Tips: Incentives at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas FREE Filling Up Your Treasure Box Ideas
Reward Systems
Love Them or Hate Them....
Everyone has a strong opinion, but I love them. I would rather spend my time and energy modeling good behavior and rewarding children. It is kind of why we all work as adults really. If our PAYCHECKS stopped tomorrow, if the REWARD of going to work stopped tomorrow, many people would not be going to work, TOMORROW!
Your classroom is the same way, reward your students and they will love school and want to come back daily to please you!
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Incentives at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas and Teach123.
Treasure Boxes In the Classroom 
I have always loved using treasure boxes. 
Being a Navy Wife, I'm moved to new schools, new towns, new states....you get the picture. But what I love about starting a new school is that I always had my treasure box. A treasure box fits into any behavior plan that a school, a principal, or a school district uses. Put that bad boy out on Day One and let them ooooooogle all the neat stuff they can EARN! 
Does the school use a flip chart system? A notebook system? How about a clothespin chart system?
Letting the children go into the treasure box on Friday will not only work with those behavior plans, but usually it will also turn your toughest kiddo into a worker bee. 
Because it is like Grandma's reward system of long ago .... if you do ______, you will earn _______!
I have had many a tough case over the years, I would take them aside on the playground the first week and ask them, one on one, "What would you like to earn from the treasure box?" You would be shocked and sometimes saddened by how simple their requests are, a matchbox car, deodorant, stickers, a magnifying glass, a journal....
It was always worth every penny to me to buy that one item and have it in the box "reserved" just for that child, and you have to let them know it is there and they are working for it.
But what if they other children say NO FAIR?
No problem, you tell them it is none of their business how things get put into the treasure box and who they go in there for...if they don't like it, they don't have to go in the box for their treasure .... stops them dead in their tracks. They need to understand that this isn't magic, you, as a teacher, can build your relationships with each child by letting them know you put the work and effort into supplying things JUST for THEM!
But, Fern, I'm not made of money, it sounds too expensive.
Nope, not if you learn to ask, ask, ask your friends, family, PFA, strangers...just ask and talk about your treasure box...you will have items overflowing...this was a previous summer school when I put the overflow into clear tubs and "priced" the items so we could also study money.
 Tuesday Teacher Tips: Incentives at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas FREE Filling Up Your Treasure Box Ideas
Here are some other suggestions to stock your treasure box.
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Incentives at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas FREE Filling Up Your Treasure Box Ideas
If you click on the picture, you can download the list for future use, or to share with your team, room mother or PFA.
In addition, I've created a half-page parent letter for you to send home. 
Click on the picture for the Freebie Just For You!
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Incentives at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas FREE Parent Request Letter
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Michelle has some great tips about incentives and what has worked for her classrooms to share with you, too.
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In addition to our tips each week, we are hoping that you will share some of your ideas in the comments below!
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Pencil Management at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
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  1. I would love a copy of your wanted sign for treasure box, but the download isn't working.

    1. Bri, thank you so much for letting me know. I have fixed the Dropbox links and everything is working now!
      Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your list of ideas, Fern, especially asking McDonalds for their leftovers when a promotion changes. I never would have thought of that one!
    Linda at Primary Inspiration


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