Tuesday Teacher Tips: Communication


 Tuesday Teacher Tips: Parent Communication
Hello Friends! 
Welcome to Week Three of our New Tuesday Teacher Tips! Every Tuesday please stop by for a new installment of our Tuesday Teacher Tips!
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Paper Newsletters
Love Them or Hate Them....
In a world that is becoming more and more electronic, I still love paper newsletters! When my teenagers were little, the first thing I would do is put their school and classroom newsletters on the fridge. Sure, most of the time during their elementary school years I worked at their school, but having that paper on the fridge made them accountable for 
"Hat Day"
"Bring in Your Pennies Day"
"Bag Lunch Needed for the Field Trip"  
etc., etc. etc., etc., etc., etc.
Let's face it, there are hills and valleys in teaching, some weeks are smooth and some weeks you don't think you'll ever get enough sleep! But by having the newsletters on the fridge, the kids didn't have to suffer because your grade level was having a long, long, long week! :)
Weekly Newsletter Printable FREEBIE!
I've made you a FREE two column newsletter. Have a volunteer print and slice a year's supply in August and you will be all ready to go. I write on one and put it up on the big screen with my document camera. I like to have the students staple them into their school agenda and fill it out as Bell Work on Monday morning. The fact that they filled it out and colored it, gives them the ownership that they are less likely to throw it away and more likely to give it to their family.
But if your students can't handle this at the beginning of the year, print it out, write in your information and then make the copies.  
Tuesday Teacher Tips: Communication at Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas and Teach123.

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  1. I have never seen the two column / half page newsletter and I LOVE IT! It saves paper. I also think the unusual size would catch parents' eyes.

  2. One tip that we remember at our school when communicating with parents is to have the newsletter, field trip form, etc. translated in Spanish. We have a large community of Hispanic parents and this has helped out tremendously!

    1. oops! email is mrsruffin924@gmail.com

  3. I'm lucky enough to be in a 1 to 1 iPad school. One easy way to keep the communication flowing is to have one table of kids email me their journaling (I use idiary) one day a week. I then forward this on to the parents. It gives those five parents a glimpse into their child's day, and it only takes me about two minutes to do. I've gotten many emails from parents that they love receiving email from their child. One note...the kids email me their journal and I forward it to the parents. I don't let the parents and kids email each other directly because important info about rides after school don't make it to me if they email each other directly.

  4. I love the half sheet newsletter! I'm like you and still love to have a paper copy of things to hang on the fridge, but I never seem to have enough to get a full sheet newsletter done each week (or even each month). The new thing our school has gone to is Remind101 as a way to give parents a quick heads up for things that are coming up. I still love calling all of my parents within the 1st couple of weeks of school, just to check in and see how it's going.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing with us. BTW: Kelston's idea was great! I'm looking into it right now! Wondering how to incorporate this idea when I only have 1 iPad (my personal one) in my classroom. Anything is possible.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing with us Fern! I love this idea (I do agree, we need a spanish version - just in case) Regardless, Thanks! I LOVE Kelston's idea! I'm looking into the app right now. Time to figure out how to do this with one iPad in my classroom (my personal).

  7. Hi! Pinterest follower here. I tried to download the file, but the link takes me to Dropbox and says that the file has been deleted. Can I find the newsletter somewhere else?

    1. Thank you very much for letting me know. Dropbox and I have a LOVE/HATE relationship!! :) I have fixed it, thank you so much!
      Click here for a direct link to the newsletter.

  8. I absolutely LOVE this idea!!! I also feel like I have a hard time filling up a whole newsletter especially when too many words can deter someone from reading it! I'm also looping from 2nd to 3rd this year so they have agendas that I can staple them too!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! :)

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