Today's Random Thought ~ Someone Seriously Ate This?

Sign at Our Grocery Store! 
{Please note Frosty Paws is a treat for dogs. It is not intended for human consumption. Thank you.}
Usually out in public when something cracks me up and I want to share it with you, my husband smiles and wanders down another aisle while I take the picture. But this had us both in stitches that he grabbed it out of the freezer for me! Seriously, the store had to make signs that this product is only for dogs. Yummy... I wonder who ate FROSTY PAWS by PURINA with a DOG on the front and PAW PRINTS, including the text, "Treating your DOG doesn't get any cooler." Yes, we are a nation of non-readers and of course, as the media will let you believe, it is all the teachers' faults. Can't wait to show this picture to my 3rd graders tomorrow and have a quick, little lesson on reading labels and common sense! 
Hopefully, in 10 years, they will thank me!


  1. Anything that people give their dogs SHOULD be safe for human consumption anyway, so that is what REALLY makes me sad about this. Companies use products in pet food that are not consider "human grade" and have been known to cause cancer. I would never give anything to my dogs that said, "Not for human consumption." That would freak me out. I love my dogs way too much!

    1. What an interesting spin that I didn't even think of before! We just 'saved' two of our dogs with over $1,000 in vet bills due to cancer. They are good as new and frisky again, so it really makes you wonder....
      Have a great week,


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