Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9: This Week's Most Popular Posts!

 I Dug Out the Santa Advent Calendar Tonight.....had to Start on the 9th! ;)
So I'm seriously thinking of changing my Top Five at Five to "Top Five When I Get a Chance to Breathe!" I miss y'all, I've been crazy busy all weekend and I was just trying to catch up on my favorite blogs, as well as thanking everyone for posting their Freebie at TBA's Freebie Friday & then panic set it!! It is Suuuuuuunday and I forgot my favorite here it is, the quick and easy version!
Tonight's Top Five @ Five 
is brought to you by Anna, our skinniest dog {78 lbs.} so basically the only one that we can dress up in doggie clothes. These lovely Christmas pajamas were $5 at Wal*Mart and the 18 y/o couldn't resist! She was out back playing fetch with her tennis ball while she was dressed. Poor pit bull, it's hard to look tough with candy candy PJs! I can't wait to show my boys and girls tomorrow, they love the silly dog pictures!
This post has been pinned over 8,000 times. 
I'm so glad it can help teachers! 

This terrific freebie is from my friend Arlene, go grab it if you missed it on Friday!
This post has been pinned over 5,000 times.
I really think it is because of this picture!
This Wednesday I was an Elf on a Shelf pinning fool!
I really think this one is cute! As a mom, not too much work to make and to clean up, but still very unexpectedly funny for a kid!
We also had two winners from the Dynamic Duo Giveaway
Bex Mawn & Cindy Winkler! 
Thank you so much for being follower!
If you see them out in our big Internet World, tell them congratulations!  

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