Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's In My Mailbox Today?

So I'm still playing around with taking a picture on my phone and publishing to my blog...as always, the pictures I take are not the best, but, hey! I try! If there is a Winn Dixie near you, when you sign up for the Winn Dixie savings card, you not only get money off of your next gas station trip, they send you this coupon book each month!
I started getting coupons in the mail from a wonderful suggestion at the Couponing to Disney blog. She gives you five companies a day, and access to all the previous 5 a day, to email. It takes about 10 minutes tops and I get some wonderful things in the mail! Check her out, her pictures of what people get in the mail will get you motivated to try it! :)

Couponing to Disney

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