Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Show 'N Tell To Help Your Teacher Teammates!

Show 'n Tell Isn't Just for Your Students!
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For my newest blog followers, I'm the Third Grade team leader. We're a small team of four and I love it! We are scheduled to meet once a month, but we eat lunch together, stand on the playground together and actually socialize at times together! A LOT OF PLANNING happens when we're not in a formal meeting, sometimes even on Facebook messages! But the larger the team, I know that it is harder to meet and plan. I've been on larger teams and one thing we did that always helps is to bring something to share each month for the following month. That way everyone can get on the same page and make the same Mother's Day gift or Christmas Ornament. When you have siblings or twins on the same team, everyone is happy, everyone is fair, everyone is doing the SAME THING! :) I also like to change the location of the meeting. We rotate to each other's room for a different month. That way we have a chance to really sit and look around, get a new idea for a bulletin board, a seating arrangement, all sorts of new and fresh ideas from a teammate! 
It is a perfect way to "SHOW 'n TELL!"
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