Halloween 2012 ~ Today's Random Thoughts

Halloween 2012 ~ Thing 3 Again!
Today is a half day in our county and it just rushed by. 
We had Thing 1 to Thing 5, but never got a picture of us all together. :( I even went to lunch at the Crackle Barrel with friends to celebrate a birthday like this! The hair has an empty water bottle right in the middle of it to hold it up, it looks so cool! Yep, it was a great day!
 Meanwhile my hubby was bring our Big Bully home from two days at the vet. He has a lot of cancer cut out, it was a tiny bump, but turned out to be very deep. He's over 130 lbs. and it took the hub 20 minutes to get him out of the back seat of the truck he is so high on pain pills, he being the dog, not the hub! :) It is breaking my heart that Bully, and his mom, Lilly, are fighting this doggie cancer and these are the pictures my husband takes to cheer me up....apparently Bully wanted to drive on to Whitey's Fish Camp and sit at the Tiki Bar instead of coming inside!

 Also during our Halloween half day we had the percussion section of the Symphony come to school. They were great and amazingly, on Halloween, the kids were great too! 
The man explained to the kids how during a time of war, this drum was their cell phone. It was the only communication to lead them into battle and the first person the other side wanted to capture or shot. He was extremely interesting and held the kids' attention! You've all been there, you have a field trip or a guest speaker, and the person is great, but just doesn't know how to talk to kids....this guy was wonderful!

 Still rambling on with more random thoughts...One of my kind readers recommended using stretchable book covers for seat pockets. {See yesterday's post for directions to make seat pockets.} I was buying Halloween candy after school and saw this, so I couldn't wait to try it.
Apparently they come in sizes, this wouldn't fit a Barbie Doll chair...I'm thinking of sewing it up for a little doggie pillow.....stay tuned! :) 
This is what I mean by a seat pocket...
Amazon calls them a Seat Sack!
This Jumbo type book cover is what I need to try...$10 for 6 is probably cheaper than buying enough material to make 6! :)
 Speaking of Halloween candy, 
AFTER I bought this tonight my son says, "Mom, we had like 5 kids last year." But there was only 7 or 8 homes built last year. We're a new community, and in the entire year we've lived here, the gates are yet to be closed, so tonight was going to be the night, the gates are open and we are gonna get more kids!!
Nope, he called it, about five kids again! So this is going to be my stash for school. I usually don't use candy for a reward, I save it for the very end when Summer Fever hits, but this year I have had to go to so many workshops and represent my school at so many things, my poor kids need some kind of bribe to be good for the sub AND finish their work when a sub is there. Candy It Is!
 On another bright side today, the teen got her senior picture proofs and we're very happy with them....not so much with the quality of Mom using her camera to take a picture of the proof, but they look great all the same. Sappy Mom here...she's wearing my pearls that hubby gave me for my first anniversary! :)
 This is her tonight after work, she had the coolest Taylor Swift outfit she had worked on all weekend, including a huge blonde wig. I couldn't wait to take a picture to show my students, but then went as a hippie at the last minute 'cause she was home alone {well 6 pit bulls and an 82 y/o grandfather} and couldn't get the wig to stay on without anyone to help her...bummer, I really was looking forward to seeing her! :(
 Here's one of the puppies that refused to help her with her hair! :)
 How was your Halloween?
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