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This is a terrific linky party over at TBA, here's my day!

6:30 - My alarm rings, I tend to be the type of person who thinks "five more minutes" since I no longer have small children to get ready for day care or school. What a luxury! This school year, my Senior will be driving my Freshman to school! Yipeeee! So, my five more minutes turn into ten, fifteen, twenty, then OH NO! Got to go! AND I'M UP.....

7:30 - There is one little boy and his mom at the front of our neighborhood waiting for the bus each day. He is so cute, he stands in front of my car and does the Darth Vader Commercial for VW, the one where the kid waves his hands in front of everything but can't control anything. Then he waves his hand in front of Dad's VW and Dad remotely turns it on for him. Great commercial and a cute kid at the front of our neighborhood. I wave to his mom, I flash my lights but, I think, I have got to get going.... ;)

7:40 - I am pulling into school. I know, 5 miles, 10 minutes, I thank God every, single day about how lucky I am to work somewhere I ♥love that is so close! 
{Don't be hatin' ☺}

7: 45 - School starts, 7:50 - Morning Duty
My morning duty is to watch 1/2 of third grade. They come into my portable and use this time for a study hall, to finish homework or to read. It is quiet, calm and peaceful. I love this duty because I'm able to get a lot done and usually I have sweet little girls who help me get things ready. If the group has been good, we have D.E.A.D. ~ Drop Everything and Draw on Fridays!

8:20 - Homeroom, take attendance, lunch money, hurry up to line up because....

8:30 - Music, PE or Technology 
This is our teams 1/2 hour for bathroom, planning, copies, etc. I love it at this time because it gives you that extra time to make sure your day will go smoothly!

9:00 - Florida's mandatory PE / recess ~ Best part, in Florida it is still pretty cool at this time. Why in August it will be a lovely 90 degrees at 9:00 am. <------------- Insane laughter!

9:30 - Students change from homeroom to our morning classes.I take my first group to the SuccessMaker Lab for 1/2 hour. 

10:00 - Science, Mrs. O, my partner, and I usually put our two classes together for Science.
Our numbers were so low that by the end of the year my 13 students and her 16 students made up what some other teachers have for a full class. We loved the new Science series and this gave the children a lot of exposure to non-fiction pieces for the FCAT.

10:30 - Math ~ 15 minutes of direct instruction and then 3 groups of 15 minutes. 
Group 1, lowest & with me first for review and remediation. The other two groups are split, 1/2 at center games and 1/2 doing the assignment.
Group 2, middle group, high and low are mixed and are split.
Group 3, advanced with me for some enrichment. Other two groups are split with their turn for centers and the assignment.

11:30 - Change classes to our afternoon group. Take the afternoon group to lunch! :) Eat with my F*U*N team! Every Wednesday is LUNCH BUNCH! <--------Check it out!

12:15 - Science with our afternoon group, same as the morning group, we work together.

12:45 - Math with my afternoon group, same as the morning group, three centers.
My afternoon math is so funny, I've spent most of the second quarter with 13 boys! All the girls moved away and no new girls moved in. Then for the last month I got one, I use to say, "Olivia, it is you and me against these boys, we have to stick together." I love having a class of boys, no behavior problems at all, just one call to mom or walk to parent pick up and talk to one mom, BAM! Behavior problems solved! ;)

1:45 - SuccessMaker Lab for 1/2 hour with the afternoon group.

2:15 - All students go to their 3rd grade dismissal point. Mrs. O and I take the car riders/parent pick up students.

2:25 - Day is done! Yipee! Our normal school day ends at 3:15. But, on most Monday and Wednesday I tutor until 4:30.

That's It, That's My Day! I ♥love my team, I ♥love my school, I ♥love my district, I ♥love my boys and girls! But right now, I ♥♥love♥♥ summer most of all! 
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  1. Isn't it awesome to love where you work and the people you work with!
    Fun for First

  2. I wish I lived closer to school!
    Thanks for sharing...

    Fancy Free in Fourth

    1. It makes it nice, that's for sure!
      Thanks for hopping over!


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