Live a Life That You Don't Need a Vacation From...

Just got back from a little mini-vacation to Cocoa Beach!
Cocoa Beach is 2 hours south of here and known for beautiful beaches, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Kennedy Space Center and now, the ever famous Florida Blogger Meet - Up! :)
I meet some terrific teachers, bloggers and blog followers. But I'm also so happy to be home, I missed the kids, the dogs & my job. I know crazy right? But I have pre-planning for Summer School tomorrow and then two days of Common Core Standards training. Some of my favorite teacher friends will be at the training and I'm excited about learning more and of course, our LUNCH PLANS! All the teacher talk and enthusiasm made me realize that I really live a life that I don't need a vacation from ~ I'm so excited about Summer School and this next school year! :)
 But ~ an oceanfront room with my hubby was a nice little getaway, rain and all! 
Swear, he loves the ocean more than me, he was so happy to have a few days off, I just stink at taking pictures! :)

I'm so grateful to


Mor &
for all their hard work organizing this event! Also, for the cute door prizes! 
I had a blast and can't wait to meet up again!
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  1. So glad you girls had so much fun! One day we'll have one HUGE meet-up...I have a ton of blow-up mattresses....wanna come to Michigan!?!?!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. I'm so jealous! What fun! Too bad I'm too far away! :(
    Glad you guys had fun!

    Primary Inspired

  3. I loooooove your title,this is what I have been struggling with and aspiring to do in my life!

    Enjoy Teaching English

  4. Hey Fern,
    It was so nice meeting everyone, we will have to plan another meet-up soon. I love the picture of your hubby. The ocean looks so beautiful behind him.

    Simpson Superstars


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