Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The -ock Family Spelling {Word Work} Lists & Tests

Adorable Lock Theme!

This Spelling Unit has 15 pages.
Some school districts call it Spelling, some call it Word Work! 
This packet has both versions! 
Differentiate your classroom, some students can have the 10 word list and some can have the 15 word list. Also terrific for mixed grade level classes! Your students will love it!
The PowerPoint
 and Center Game
are available on TPT if you like this Freebie.
OR You can purchase the entire bundle at
The -ock Family Packet ~ PowerPoint, Center Game & Spelling Bundle! 
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    1. You are right, I have a new freebie policy. Thank you I thought I had taken down all the pages. Sincerely, Fern Smith


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