Friday, April 13, 2012

Fern's Freebie Friday ~ Star Wars Go Fish Game "Go Darth!"

3.NF.3a ~ Describe equivalent fractions
3.NF.3b ~ Recognize simple equivalent fractions
4.NF.1 ~ Explain why a fraction is equivalent to another fraction
This GO DARTH! Go Fish Card Game focuses on Equivalent Fractions!
* 10 PAGES of Star Wars Themed "Go Darth" printable center games.
* Distinct Cover Sheet to glue on the folders, or place in a Ziplock Baggie.
* Everything also comes in Black and White if you want to save on color printer ink!
This Go Fish center game is designed to be printed, cut apart for your classroom and laminated if desired. It is cute, colorful and is completely designed to be an independently led student activity. EXCELLENT for when the teacher is working with small reading or math groups. It also contains the ENTIRE file in a black and white version so that you can copy it and send it home as weekly homework. Great for the students to cut out and practice fine motor skills as well as reinforcing fractions! Playing this game and practicing the concept helps a child learn to have quicker mental math!

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  1. Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing! I am your newest follower! Stop by sometime!

    Wizard of Boz


  2. OHMYGOSH!! I love love love this!! I'm working on equivalent fractions with my kiddos right now and a my boys are OBSESSED with Star Wars (and so is there teacher lol!) I can't wait to use this! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. This is super cute! Thanks for sharing! The boys especially will love it!

    We are ALL Special!

  4. I'm lovin this game, and I'm sure my students will adore it as well - I will be boy heavy next year so this is perfect! Thanks for sharing your work for free :)

    forkin 4th

  5. This is so cute!! I love it!!


  6. Love this and your Princess edition. My thirds are going to LOVE playing these next week! Thank you for sharing your work, especially with those like me that are not so computer savvy.


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