Monday, March 5, 2012

Repurposing ~ Easy Heart Decorations For Any Table!

Easy Heart Decorations on Our Front Hall Table!
This was the cutest, easiest idea I saw on Pinterest, but forgot to a little bit late, but it is as cute as can be!! With all those paint card sample ideas on Pinterest, here's one I really liked...
St. Valentine's Day Bookmarks! 
I have posted before about using paint color sample cards, I always ask the Wal*Mart or Home Depot paint person permission, they have never said no when I tell them it is for school and then I don't feel guilty! Using a 97 cent heart hole punch from Wal*Mart, you punch out the hearts along the side and one at the top for the ribbon...then I just took all the little tiny hearts and sprinkled them on the hallway table. :) Easy-Cheesy!
I also made mine with purple so I'd have a mix of colors!

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  1. Hi Fern,
    You are constantly doing so many great things! I wanted to give you a second Lovely Blog Award.


  2. Dear Dawn,
    Thank you so much, I ♥love your blog and all your center ideas!

  3. Good minds think alike! My daughter and I made these paint sample bookmarks, too. Don't you just love Home Depot?!!!


    1. Yep! My husband, we can't even walk in there without me beelining to the paint chips! :)

  4. Making these with my kids for their friends. Such a great idea!!!

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