Today's Random Thought ~ Cracking Up in the Computer Lab!

Just Another Day in the Computer Lab!
Some days go by so fast that my friends and I laugh like crazy people! This day in the lab was one of them. We love to drive each other crazy on purpose too, that is part of the fun. My friend will walk by all serious and say something like, "Check out So&So, that problem is too hard for me, can you help him?" Knowing full well that the cord is on the floor and the child is not even hearing a 'math' problem!

So I fall for it every~single~stinkin'~time!
Thought I would share this one with y'all!

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  1. Ha! That's great. I love when my colleagues and I play these little jokes on each other. It's always fun! Too cute.

    Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your night.

    A Year of Many Firsts

  2. I work in the lab at my school all day, and money was sort so when we had an outbreak of L I C E I went to $ tree and bought $148 worth of headphones....not the most expensive but still...teacher led labs are ALWAYS funny in that the kids try the tricks out on the teachers...I have gotten the teachers laughing with "Oh I think its cordasiteus or clickstoomuch" Now I am going to make a cheat sheet :)


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