Embracing The Look of a True Teacher!

Yep! This is me!
This is now on my school's home page on our web site. AND I'm throwing it out into the great, big World on my blog...I died when I saw this picture, Why? Read on....

On Monday morning my husband was practicing his Spanish into my cell phone, it could only mean one thing, my beloved teaching partner Mrs. O had called me and at 6:00 am that could only mean one thing~she was probably staying home sick with this I.C.K.I.N.E.S.S everyone has right now!
But no!! Her problem was worse, much, much worse! Why was she calling me, the team leader at 6am? She told me, and I quote, that she was "embracing the curls"
Confused? Yep, so was I.
She had decided to stop spending so much time blow drying her hair and learn to live with the curls she was born with naturally. She wanted my support at school because she was so nervous! So funny...I ♥love her and the fact that she called for support! She looked beautiful, all day everyone was asking if she got a perm, etc. etc. etc....she looked great and all day I heard, "I'm embracing the curls." All day our team and our friends talked about living with what we were born with naturally.
I ♥love curls!
I ♥love big, fluffy, curly hair!
I ♥love big, fluffy, curly, 80s hair!
I ♥love big, fluffy, curly, 80s, Texas-teased hair!!
{I just can't help it, I do, I do, I really, really do!}
This is my favorite picture that I use everywhere, my blog, TPT, TN, I just ♥love curls!
So this week I decided to "embrace the straight" hair that God gave me.
As my 17 y/o keeps telling me, straight hair is in Mom!
So jump to Wednesday, every Wednesday from now until the FCAT, our school has Defeat the FCAT day!  The entire upper grades work on a Florida Ready Test Prep book and we have a sports theme day. We get to wear jeans and our favorite team jerseys. Our AP and Principal wear referee shirts and our Reading Coach runs around room to room CHEERING the students on!! It is wonderful and what our boys and girls need to feel successful and become successful!
So this Wednesday, I'm sick as a dog, but I drag into school, it's Defeat the FCAT day, it's our monthly faculty meeting, you know what it is like...
I can survive the day to go home and crash at 3:30 I lie to myself!
That would be the day our tech teacher, Ms. B, who I love, takes my picture for the web!

So there it is, the LOOK OF A TRUE TEACHER!
Someone who drags herself in to school ...
no make up
no jewelry
no curlers
her hubby's FSU jersey
'cause she loves her boys and girls so much!
{I think next week I'll bribe/beg Ms. B to take a new pic! I'll keep you posted! ☺}

I ♥love this picture! Curls, no curls, it doesn't matter! ☺

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  1. I think you look great...I think I prefer the straight =) ...but I know what you mean!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. You had me laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!! First of all CONGRATULATIONS on TOY!!!!!! Welcome to the TOY club :)

    This ALWAYS happens to me too! They take pics of me at my worst!!!!!!

    My DH asks me how come I go to work looking so crappy & I have to remind him over & over again that I work with Middle Schoolers!! I CAN'T look cute!!!

    We also have FCAT Fridays! I hate the madness & pressure of it all!

    I'm a natural curly head & got the Brazilian straightening 3 years ago. I'm just not ready to embrace them again :) {yet}

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen from...
    A Teacher's Treasure
    Teaching Treasures Shop

  3. So funny! I had a good yearbook picture a few years ago (and trust me, good pictures don't come along that often) and I somehow convinced the yearbook ladies to just reuse that picture for the past three years! Curly or straight I think you look great! I'm an 80's girl and it's somehow just ingrained...the bigger the better. I mean, it's quite an accomplishment to get your bangs to stand three inches tall right? That takes some serious skills. Speaking of accomplishments... CONGRATS ON TOY!!!!! That's awesome!

  4. Congrats. You should be honored for all your hard work. What road is your school on?

    1. Miller St. ~ HWY 17 North, left on Kingleys, just past the railroad tracks. About 5 miles from us!

  5. you look like a happy busy teacher! :)

  6. Congratulations! I think your hair looks great straight. I have curly hair that I always hated. Now, I love it because it is just so much easier. Straightening was just too much work and I'd often look like a frizz ball at the end of the day.

    Swimming into Second

  7. Just started following you! Congrats on TOY! Your curls are beautiful! I can SO relate. I don't know how people do the straight thing all the time. It takes TOO long to blow it out! Love your blog!

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. Thanks for following Laurie, I headed over to your cute Chickadee Jubilee and followed you there and on Pinterest too!

  8. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your posts!

  9. Congratulations Fern!!! I love your hair both ways (I always make mine curly too!!)


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