Repurposing ~ Fancy Glasses

Old Fancy Glasses As Bathroom Accessories
When we moved to this new house I took the time to donate a lot of the stuff we've collected over the years. I also had a lot of my parents' items since they have lived with us on and off for six years. My Mom had these glasses as long as I can remember. She bought them before she was married while she was visiting Spain & then brought them to America from England. There use to be eight, but now there is only three. I put them in my new bathroom for our toothpaste, toothbrushes & Q-Tips. My mom is now in a nursing home but seeing these every morning reminds me of her and all the parties we use to have in our house! In addition to them being free, it has become a sweet way to remember to pray for my Mom when I start my mornings.

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  1. Love it...especially praying for your mom! I have reminders like that, too. A frog to remind me to pray for a friend who teaches Kindergarten (they're frogs), a teapot to remind me of a neighbor I love, a butterfly to remind me to pray for hubby's mom...and on it goes! ;)


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