Random Thought ~ AT&T or AT&M!?!?

Thank You Card to AT&T
AT&T came to our school and gave EVERY CHILD a hardback book. I'm not sure about all the grades, but our 3rd graders and each teacher got 2 each!! That alone was over 100 books, just for our grade level! One of the books was a Cat in the Hat Book, they loved it! During the afternoon we had them write thank you cards. The one on top is one of our best ones, he tied the AT&T theme into a Cat In the Hat theme. 
This One Was Great Too, He Did The AT&T Circle From Commercials  
But This One I Didn't Get.....
My beloved co-teacher Mrs. O said, "You HAVE to read this one!" So I read it once and didn't get it. I'm pretty good at inventive spelling and grammar errors, but I didn't get it. So I read it again! Well on the third read I call the little fellow over to read it to me and he kept saying how AT&M gives his mom money.
Me: "Your Mom works for AT&T honey?"
Him: "No, she works on base."
{I can't let it go and just say NICE JOB!}
Me: "Well why does AT&T give her money?'
Him: "Nooooo Mrs. Smith, {you know that tone, he thinks I'm the idiot now...}AT&M, it gives our family money ALL THE TIME!"
Yep, I wasn't reading it right, he did start the card by saying AT&M!!!

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