Today's Random Thought ~ Solantic Urgent Care

Solantic Urgent Care
Yesterday my hubby dragged me to Solantic Urgent Care because our doctors' office apparently celebrates Columbus Day, all three locations!! I had been sick as a dog since Friday night and was sleeping for hours on end. Solantic was amazing, they got me right in. The doctor walks in and asks, "What seems to be wrong with you today?" I told her, "I teach 3rd grade!" She laughed until she cried! But it is true and I know you have been there ~ it is that time of year and I had a killer mixture of kid-germ-ailments! I hope and pray that was the big one for the year! :) How about you bloggy-friends, anyone been deathly ill yet? My fingers are crossed for you that you might get to skip a year! :)


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I am right with you. I always seem to get sick in the month of October. I was sick all last week and now today the sore throat is coming back. We did have 4 teachers out this week.

  2. Augh!! As soon as you get back it is all the talking too that will kill ya'! Hope you're on the mend! :)


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